Eric BerryS941
Larry FitzgeraldWR941
Vince WilforkDT931
Russell WilsonQB921
Nate SolderOT891
Demarcus WareLB871
Jared CookTE871
Devon StillDT841
Bryce PettyQB841
Deangelo WilliamsHB831
Sam BarringtonMLB821
Vance McDonaldTE821
Cory ReddingDE811
Kadeem CareyHB811
Josh MorganWR811
Brian HartlineWR811
Coty SensabaughCB801
Larry FitzgeraldWR942
Thomas DavisLB922
Reggie NelsonS912
Steve Smith Sr.WR912
LeSean McCoyHB882
Tramon WilliamsCB872
De'Angelo HallCB852
David QuessenberryG842
Jesse WilliamsDT832
Jeremy MinceyDE832
Chris Conte S822
Brock OsweilerQB822
Darren McFadden
Austin PettisWR812
Chad GreenwayLB802
Adam HaywardMLB802
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