Specific ProgramPOSOVR
Bo Jackson*Frozen in TimeHB99
Anthony MunozGhosts of Madden PastDE98
Derrick BrooksGhosts of Madden PastLB98
Darelle RevisGhosts of Madden PastCB96
Brian FinneranGhosts of Madden PastWR96
Kam ChancellorGhosts of Madden PresentS94
Sebastian VollmerGhosts of Madden PresentOT94
Von MillerGhosts of Madden PresentLB 94
Randall CunninghamGhosts of Madden PastQB94
Josh NormanGhosts of Madden PresentCB93
DeAndre HopkinsGhosts of Madden PresentWR93
Devonta FreemanGhosts of Madden FutureHB92
Odell Beckham JrGhosts of Madden FutureWR91
Marcus MariotaGhosts of Madden FutureQB90
JJ Watt(Gift) Out Of PositionTE89
Deion Sanders(Gift) Out Of PositionWR89
Charles WoodsonOut Of PositionWR89
Jadeveon ClowneyGhosts of Madden FutureLB89
Clay MatthewsOut Of PositionDE88
Arik ArmsteadGhosts of Madden FutureDE88
Calvin JohnsonOut Of PositionS87
Julius PeppersOut Of PositionTE87
Julian EdelmanOut Of PositionQB86
Dontari PoeOut Of PositionFB86
Walter PaytonOut Of PositionQB86
Julio JonesOut Of PositionS85
Devin HesterOut Of PositionCB85
Taylor MaysOut Of PositionLB85
Patrick PetersonOut Of PositionWR84
Coby FleenerOut Of PositionS83
Richard ShermanOut Of PositionWR83
Sheldon RichardsonOut Of PositionFB83
Tavon AustinOut Of PositionHB83
Ndamukong Suh Out Of PositionK82
Tom BradyOut Of PositionP82
Antonio GatesOut Of PositionMLB82
Marshawn Lynch Out Of PositionLB82
Denard RobinsonOut Of PositionQB82
Tim TebowOut Of PositionHB81
Steve Smith SrOut Of PositionCB80
Donald PennOut Of PositionTE80
Antonio BrownOut Of PositionQB80
J.R. SweezyOut Of PositionDT79
Gift Box Content
Jay Cutler
(no boost)
(Gift) FlashbackQB94
Jared Allen 94 D
(no boost)

(Gift) FlashbackD94
Mark Barron(Gift) Campus HeroS92
Ryan Broyles(Gift) Campus HeroWR91
Malcolm Butler
(no boost)
(Gift) FlashbackCB91

*Bo Jackson is Ultimate Reward which gives the entire team +2 Trucking boost.

2015 Ultimate Freeze Event Achievements Reference
You may also be interested in the events schedule for the Frozen Journey and Bo Challenge notes.

Winter is Coming
Gain 1 Yard during the Ultimate Freeze Program
1 Snowflake

Frozen Lineup
Have 8 Ultimate Freeze or Ghost of Madden players on your team.
2 Snowflake

The Past, Present, and Future
Have 8 Ultimate Freeze or Ghost of Madden players on your team.
3 Snowflakes

The Past, Present, and Future
have 3 Elite Ghosts of Madden of your team.
2 Snowflakes

Let It Snow
Complete the Frozen Flurry Set 10 times
2 Snowflakes

Cold Doesn’t Annoy Me Anyhow
Complete the Frozen Tundra Set 3 times
3 Snowflakes

‘Tis the Season
Win 3 Season games with an Ultimate Freeze or Ghost of Madden player.
2 Snowflakes

Spread the Cheer
Complete 5 H2H matches with an Ultimate Freeze or Ghost of Madden player
2 Snowflakes

Pass the Ham
Gain 1000 Receiving yards with an Ultimate Freezen or Ghost of Madden player
2 Snowflakes

On Dasher
Gain 1000 Rushing yards with an Ultimate Freeze or Ghost of Madden player
2 Snowflakes

With a Bo on Top
Get 9 Ultimate Freeze Achievements for the Holiday Stadium, and the Bo Collectible
Bo Achievement Collectible

Meeting a Legend
Win the North Pole live event to earn the Frozen Logo

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Ultimate Freeze Player List — 18 Comments

  1. Based on this post, I thought the frozen gifts were going to be Flashback players as well. However, after realizing that there aren’t any gifts with numbers 6, 7, or 8, they have to be something else.

  2. I got a 7 out of a pro pack early this am so there in packs or you can do the exchange in the seasonal set. Not the one with the one silver trophy and snow flake but the one just added this morning you can get them there also. And I have a quick question dies anyone knows when the frozen gifts will thaw out

  3. I hate you totally. I wasted my time to get gift boxes on the auctions and they are totally worthless. 500,000 coins lost and nothing but stupid trophy items.

    • I don’t know if you’re aware, but there is a disclaimer saying some of it was speculation based on the information that was out. They said it was subject to change. Really, you can only blame yourself Brian.

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