Face in the crowdGeneralLog in using Facbook
Mini CampGeneralComplete all tutorial challenges
Building a super power!GeneralBuild a 70 rated offense
Grooming Your Defense!GeneralBuild a 70 rated defense
Rookie TeamGeneralBuild a 70 OVR Team
Sterling OffenseGeneralCreate an offense of all silver players
Sterling DefenseGeneralCreate a defense of all Silver players
SeriouslyGeneralScore 10,000 Points
Elite ThreadsGeneralReach Level 66 to earn an alternate uniform!
Throw the GauntletHead to HeadInitiate a Head to Head match
Bring it OnHead to HeadAccept a Head to Head challenge
In the zoneHead to HeadWin 3 head to head games in a row
Mr. Elusive IHead to HeadRush for a 20 yard TD
Strong Arm IHead to HeadPass for a 20 Yard TD
Take it to the houseHead to HeadReturn a kick off for a TD
Give it the BootHead to HeadKick a 50 yard field goal
Full Steam Ahead IHead to HeadRush for 500 yards in Head to Head
Pass Me Another IHead to HeadPass for 1000 Yards in Head to Head
AI You Trying?Head to HeadCause a counter with your Defensive Strategy
You Mad Bro?Head to HeadReturn an interception for a TD
You Dropped ThisHead to HeadReturn a fumble for a TD
Can't TouchHead to HeadScore 30+ points in a Head to Head match
AlmostHead to HeadScore a field goal in the red zone
Breaking AnklesHead to HeadSuccessfully complete 10 juke moves
Getting Dizzy IHead to HeadSuccessfully complete 10 spin moves
Keep on trucking IHead to HeadSuccessfully complete 10 truck moves
Head to Head Milestone IHead to HeadComplete 5 Head to Head achievements
Live Event Master ILive EventsWin 15 Live events
Break Away ISeasonRush for a 20 yard TD
Highlight Reel ISeasonPass for a 20 Yard TD
100 Yards of GlorySeasonReturn a kickoff for a TD
Special Teams DreamsSeasonReturn a punt for a TD
Fumble, Fumble, ScoreSeasonReturn a fumble for a TD
Pick SixSeasonReturn an interception for a TD
Booming LegSeasonKick a 50 Yard Punt
It's UP and It's GoodSeasonKick a 50 yard field goal
Ground and PoundSeasonRush for 100 yards in a game
Arms RaceSeasonPass for 200 yards in a game
Bull DozerSeasonWin a game using only rushing plays
Air SuperioritySeasonWin a game using only passing plays
Let's Kick ItSeasonWin by only kicking 2 or more field goals
Go for itSeasonWin without punting
One and DoneSeasonScore a TD on the first offensive play
Shut OutSeasonHold your opponent scoreless
Blow OutSeasonWin by 21 or more points
Good StartSeasonScore 14 points in the first quarter
DeniedSeasonShut out your opponent in the first half
So closeSeasonScore a field goal in the red zone
Around the WorldSeasonScore a TD, FG, safety, and 2pt try in a game
Spread the LoveSeasonPass and rush for 50 yards in one game.
Churn it outSeasonRush for 1,000 yards in a single season.
Pass it AroundSeasonPass for 2,000 yards in a single season.
First and 10SeasonGet 100 1st downs in a season
The ConverterSeasonConvert 20 r3d downs in a season
Master ConverterSeasonConvert 5 4th downs in a season.
UndeniableSeasonComplete a perfect season
Work Horse ISeasonRush for 2,000 yards in Season mode
Prolific Passer ISeasonPass for 5,000 yards in Season mode.
Interceptor ISeasonIntercept 10 passes in Season mode.
Sticky Fingers ISeasonRecover 10 fumbles in Season mode
Jukes for Days ISeasonSuccessfully complete 10 juke moves
The Spin Cycle ISeasonSuccessfully complete 10 spin moves
This is Rubber Ducky ISeasonSuccessfully complete 10 truck moves
Crunch Time ISeasonExecute 10 user tackles.
Big Hitter ISeasonExecute 5 big hits in Season play.
Gotcha!SeasonAchieve 5 user sacks
Season Milestone ISeasonComplete 10 Season achievements.
Friendly FireFriendsInitiate a Friend Match
Friendly ChallengeFriendsAccept a Friend Challenge
Breaking Loose IFriendsRush for a 20 yard TD
Target Acquired IFriendsPass for a 20 Yard TD
Kick Return TDFriendsReturn a kick offer for a TD
It's Got the DistanceFriendsKick a 50 yard field goal
One of UsLeaguesJoin a League
Who's With Me?LeaguesFill your League with 32 members
Top DogLeaguesReach number 1 on your League leaderboard
Rush TD ILeaguesRush for a 20 yard TD
Bombs Away ILeaguesPass for a 20 yard TD
Take it to the HouseLeaguesReturn a kick off for a TD
Give it the BootLeaguesKick a 50 yard field goal
Mine?LeaguesReturn a fumble for a TD in a league match
Tournament ContenderLeaguesComplete a League Tournament
Tournament Rusher ILeaguesRush for 500 yards in League Tournament mode.
Tournament Passer ILeaguesPass for 1,000 yards in League Tournament.
Tournament Scorer ILeaguesScore 100 points in League Tournament mode.
Power League ILeaguesWin 5 League Tournaments
Feeling Hot ILeaguesWin 2 League Tournaments in a row
Tripping HazardLeaguesCounter your opponent in a League Tournament
I'll Take ThisLeaguesReturn an interception for a TD in a League Match
This is Mine NowLeaguesReturn an interception for a TD in a tournament
Finders KeepersLeaguesReturn a fumble for a TD in a tournament
Next TimeLeaguesScore a field goal in the red zone
Try it AgainLeaguesCause a counter with your Defensive Strategy
better than NothingLeaguesScore a field goal in the red zone in a tournament
League Milestone ILeaguesComplete 5 league achievements.
Ready, Set, GoSetsComplete the Daily Warmp-up Set
Set Master ISetsComplete 15 different sets
There are Other Sets ISetsComplete the same set 5 times.
Set is Live ISetsComplete 3 different Live Event sets
MVPSetsComplete 10 different MVP Sets

Are you trying to figure out a general idea of the different tasks that reward you with achievement trophies. Please note that this achievement list information only contain the “first tier” of achievements aka the first star.

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