Giftbox #Items Inside
Gift Box 110 Trophy Pack
Gift Box 2Quick Sell
Gift Box 3Random Elite Super Bowl Ring
Gift Box 4Premium Pack
Gift Box 5Trophy Pack
Gift Box 6Legendary Pack
Gift Box 7Red Zone Pack
Gift Box 8Elite Legend Pack
Gift Box 989 TE JJ Watt
Gift Box 10 Season Veteran Pack
Gift Box 11League Pack
Gift Box 12Signature Pack
Gift Box 1394 DE Jared Allen
Gift Box 14 6 Trophy Pack
Gift Box 1515 -?? 
Gift Box 1689 WR Deion Sanders
Gift Box 17Team Of The Week Upgrade
Gift Box 1894 QB Jay Cutler 
Gift Box 19LQS
Gift Box 2092 S Mark Barron
Gift Box 2191 WR Ryan Broyles
Gift Box 22 Touchdown Pack
Gift Box 23Blitz Event Pack
Gift Box 24Pro Pack
Gift Box 2592 HB CJ Spiller
Gift Box 2690 QB Kirk Cousins
Gift Box 2720 Trophy Pack 
Gift Box 28All Pro Pack
Gift Box 2991 S Jason Taylor
Gift Box 30Elite Player Pack
Gift Box 31Flashback Pack
Gift Box 3291 LB Steve Atwater
Gift Box 33Elite Fbo Player Pack
Gift Box 343X Legendary Pack
Gift Box 35Elite Gamechanger Pack
Gift Box 36Quick Sell
Gift Box 3791 CB Ronnie Lott
Gift Box 3888 HB Cam Newton 
Gift Box 39 Road To Playoffs Signs Pack
Gift Box 40Collectors Pack
Gift Box 41Road To The Playoffs Pack
Gift Box 42Players Pack
Gift Box 4310 Trophy Pack
Gift Box 4492 TE Vernon Davis

With the release of new gift boxes happening on the 12/25/15. It is safe to say that previous speculation about gift boxes and placeholder cards may be incorrect. Below is a list released by DruNp at Muthead forums. Please note that this list is still speculation based on the information obtained by him. Use it at your own risk. (He is right more often than not).

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