Player NamePosOVRSet
Ahman GreenHB94Set
Andre ReedWR93Set
Brian FinneranWR91Set
Bruce SmithDE94Non-Set
Christian OkoyeFB92Set
Clinton PortisHB92Non-Set
Curtis MartinHB94Non-Set
Daunte CulpepperQB92Non-Set
Dermontti DawsonC91Set
Derrick BrooksLB92Set
Donovan McNabbQB94Set
Eric DickersonHB94Non-Set
Gilbert BrownDT91Set
Greg LloydLB94Non-Set
Hines WardWR96Set
Jason TaylorDE94Non-Set
Jeff SaturdayC93Non-Set
Joe HornWR91Set
Joey PorterLB94Set
John ElwayQB94Set
John RandleDT93Set
Jonathan OgdenOT92Non-Set
La'Roi GloverDT94Non-Set
Larry AllenOG96Non-Set
Lorenzo NealFB94Set
Marshall FaulkHB96Set
Orlando PaceOT94Set
Peter BoulwareLB92Non-Set
Randall CunninghamQB92Non-Set
Rod WoodsonCB96Non-Set
Rod WoodsonS92Non-Set
Ronde BarberCB93Set
Roy WilliamsS92Set
Sean TaylorS96Set
Shannon SharpeTE92Set
Sterling SharpeWR94Non-Set
Steve AtwaterS92Non-Set
Steve HutchinsonOG92Set
Terrell DavisHB94Set
Torry HoltWR93Non-Set
Ty LawCB93Non-Set
Walter JonesOT92Set
Walter PaytonHB94Set
Willie RoafOT96Non-Set
Zach ThomasMLB96Set
Jason TaylorDE99
Michael VickQB99
Michael VickQB98
Jason TaylorDE98
Vince WilforkDT98
D'Brickashaw FergusonOT96
Terrell SuggsLB99Ultimate
Calvin JohnsonWR99Ultimate
Jason TaylorDE99Ultimate
Michael VickQB99Ultimate
Rod WoodsonCB99Boss
Antonio GatesTE99Boss
Antonio GatesTE98Ultimate
Rod WoodsonCB98Ultimate
Dez BryantWR98Ultimate
Sean TaylorS98Ultimate
Dez BryantWR99Boss
Sean TaylorS99Boss
Zach ThomasMLB99BOSS
Zach ThomasMLB98Ultimate
Orlando PaceOT99BOSS
Orlando PaceOT98Ultimate
Antonio CromartieCB99BOSS
Antonio CromartieCB98Ultimate
Rob GronkowskiTE99BOSS
Rob GronkowskiTE98Ultimate
Curtis Martin
+2 CAR
HB99Easter Crystal
Andre Reed
+2 CAT

WR98Easter Crystal
Steve Smith Jr.
+2 AGI
WR99Easter Crystal
James Harrison
+2 TLK
LB99Easter Crystal
Cameron Wake
+2 STR
DE98Easter Crystal
Brent Grimes
CB98Easter Crystal
Ronde Barber
+2 ZON
CB98Easter Crystal
Antonio Brown
+2 CAT
WR98Easter Crystal
Night Train Lane
+2 MAN
CB99Easter Crystal
Shannon Sharpe
+2 CAT
TE98Easter Crystal
Dermontti DawsonC98Ultimate
Dermontti DawsonC99Boss
Gilbert BrownDT98Ultimate
Gilbert BrownDT99Boss
Eric DickersonHB99Boss
Eric DickersonHB98Ultimate
Ed ReedS99Boss
Ed ReedS98Ultimate
Ronnie LottS98Boss
Ronnie LottS99Ultimate
Larry AllenOG98Boss
Larry AllenOG99Ultimate
Darrelle RevisCB98Boss
Darrelle RevisCB99Ultimate
Herman MooreWR98Boss
Herman MooreWR99Ultimate
Antonio Brown
Von Miller
+2 PWM
Jahri Evans
+2 PBK
NaVorro Bowman
+2 TKL
Mario Williams
+2 AGI
Kirk Cousins
+2 AWR
Telvin Smith
+2 PST
Todd Gurley
+2 AGI
Jurrell Casey
+2 STR
Lawrence TaylorLB99Boss
Lawrence TaylorLB99Ultimate
LaDainian TomlinsonHB99Boss
LaDainian TomlinsonHB99Ultimate
Deacon Jones
Deacon JonesDE99Ultimate
Jonathan OgdenOT99Boss
Jonathan OgdenOT99Ultimate
Jerry RiceWR99Boss
Jerry RiceWR99Ultimate
JJ WattDE99Boss
JJ WattDE99Ultimate
Derrick BrooksLB99Boss
Derrick BrooksLB99Ultimate
Emmitt SmithHB99Boss
Emmitt SmithHB99Ultimate
Mean Joe GreeneDT99Boss
Mean Joe GreeneDT99Ultimate
Lorenzo NealFB99Boss
Lorenzo NealFB99Ultimate
Jevon KearseLE99Boss
Jevon KearseLE99Ultimate
Ronde BarberCB99Boss
Ronde BarberCB99Ultimate
Tony GonzalezTE99Boss
Tony GonzalezTE99Ultimate
Ray LewisMLB99Boss
Ray LewisMBL99Ultimate
Deion SandersCB99Boss
Deion SandersCB99Ultimate
Reggie WhiteDE99Boss
Reggie WhiteDE99Ultimate
Steve YoungQB99Boss
Steve YoungQB99Ultimate
Greg LloydLB99Boss
Greg LloydLB99Ultimate
Bruce SmithDE99Boss
Bruce SmithDE99Ultimate
Walter PaytonHB99Boss
Walter PaytonHB99Ultimate
Joey PorterLB99Boss
Joey PorterLB99Ultimate
John ElwayQB99Boss
John ElwayQB99Ultimate
Cam NewtonQB99Boss
Cam NewtonQB99Ultimate
Michael StrahanDE99Boss
Cam NewtonDE99Ultimate
Bo JacksonHB99Boss
Bo JacksonHB99Ultimate
Luke KuechlyMLB99Boss
Luke KuechlyMLB99Ultimate
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