Road to the Ring Player List — 18 Comments

  1. They need to make a troy polumalu 98,ray lewis 96,Jared Allen 93, brett frave 90, randy moss 94, hines ward 98,champ Bailey 92, and some linemen like walter jones 98, Maurkice Pouncey 96, Nick Mangold 94, andrew whitworth 98, Carl nicks 94,and Even Mathis 98, if they made these road to the ring players i bet people would play the hell out of this challenge

  2. Anyone know when they are going to release new players for the Rings? I hate having to collect rings for guys that I don’t even need to better my team.

  3. Still waiting for someone to tell me if there are going to be more guys released. I sure hope there are more this month.

  4. Omfg I just need GB and tb rings. I’m sick of sf rings… I have turned in elite exchange over 30 times… no gb and 1 tb

  5. Please release new guys for this Live Event!!!! You guys are driving me crazy!!! I keep playing and have nobody to get. It’s been 3 months since you updated this event’s sets.

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