Kam ChancellorS96
Geno AtkinsDT96
Marshal YandaOG96
DeAndre HopkinsWR96
Johnny HekkerP95
Dan BaileyK95
Richard ShermanCB95
Reggie NelsonS94
Clay MatthewsMLB94
Jamie CollinsLB94
Demarcus WareLB94
Azekiel AnsahDE94
Muhammad WilkersonDE94
Aaron DonaldDT94
Joe ThomasOT94
Mike IupatiOG94
Ryan KalilC94
Doug MartinHB94
Brandon MarshallWR94
Russell WilsonQB94
Tyler LockettKR93
Aqib TalibCB93
Bryan BulagaOT92
Tyler EifertTE92
John KuhnFB92

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