League achievement is a set of rewards given based on the specific combined goals. These achievements are based on 3 different types of progressions: Rushing Yards, Passing Yards and Season Wins.

You can earn league achievement points in the following game modes for Rushing Yards and Passing Yards.
Head-to-Head (Regular, Friends and Intra league)
League Tournaments (LvL)
League Championships

The league achievements that you have earned get “deposited” or stay with the league. This means that if you leave and join another league, your “new” league achievement total will be whatever your new league has. You cannot transfer existing league achievement points by moving around leagues.

League Achievement Tier Rewards

Each of the rewards can only be earned once per account. This means that you cannot receive duplicate rewards a second time by jumping from a higher league into a lower league one, after you have received the rewards the first time.

However, it is possible to take a spot and join a higher tier league for the achievement rewards if it is already a higher tier league. This can save you considerable waiting time before you can obtain the tier 7 achievement rewards. However, you generally should not pay coins or even real money for a spot, with enough patience and an active league, you will achieve the tier rewards sooner or later.

Tier 7 rewards feature “league only” rewards that cannot be obtained else where. You cannot obtain tier 7 rewards (LA Jerry Rice, LA Emmitt Smith, and LA Devin Hester) via packs nor on the auction house since they are non-transferrable.

Passing League
Tier 1 – 50k – Pro Pack
Tier 2 – 100k – 6 Trophy Packs
Tier 3 – 200k – 1 Elite Trophy
Tier 4 – 250k – Premium Pack
Tier 5 – 500k – Legendary Pack
Tier 6 – 750k – Elite QB Pack
Tier 7 – 1m – LA Jerry Rice

Rushing League
Tier 1 – 25K – Pro Pack
Tier 2 – 50k – 6 Trophy Packs
Tier 3 – 100k – 1 Elite Trophy
Tier 4 – 200k – Premium Pack
Tier 5 – 300k – Legendary Pack
Tier 6 – 500k – Elite Offensive Line Pack
Tier 7 – 750k – LA Emmitt Smith

Tier 1 – 100 wins – Pro Pack
Tier 2 – 200 wins – 6 Trophy Packs
Tier 3 – 500 wins – 1 Elite Trophy
Tier 4 – 750 wins – Premium Pack
Tier 5 – 1000 wins – Legendary Pack
Tier 6 – 1500 wins – Elite PR Pack
Tier 7 – 2500 wins – LA Devin Hester

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  1. I just joined a league. The league I joined has already received all 3 achievement 95 rating players. Will I not be getting the players from this league? Do I have to join another league that hasn’t already reached Tier7?

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