With the Football season coming into full force leading to Sueprbowl. Most new and some old players are wondering what happens between Superbowl, Off-Season, till the beginning of the new season. Madden Mobile does not “die” or reset right away. Instead, EA will continue to offer great players with consistent promotional releases to help you complete the season if you have not done so.

This event and promotion information is based on 2015’s Madden Mobile Superbowl and after season events, but history should be able to help you to prepare for the post season events and promotions. Use this to help you SPECULATE upcoming events in 2016..

January 2015
20 team of the year players mostly rated 94~96 were released. Completing a 10 collectible set (of which 3 were rare) reward one single TOTY player. Pro packs have chances to pull TOTY Collectibles and players.

Pro Bowl
Collect 20 specific player collectibles to unlock a 98 OVR Cris Carter and/or Michael Irvin (10 cards for Carter and 10 for Irvin). Pro packs have chances to pull Pro Bowl player Collectibles.

Super Bowl
1. Collect Super Bowl players to receive an MVP collectible. The collectible turned into a 99 rated card for whomever wins the Super Bowl MVP.

2. Complete a 10 collectible set of past Super Bowl plays (of which 3 were rare) to exchange for a Super Bowl legend of the past.

Pro Packs can Pull Both the Super Bowl players and the collectibles of the past Super Bowl plays.

After the Super Bowl, high rated cards were released to honor those players who won annual awards.

February 2015~ End of Year
A new live event similar to domination for 1 of 20 collectibles. Collect all 20 collectibles to unlock a 99 OVR Kam Chancellor with a speed boost and an un-boosted Byron Maxwell.

Mobile Masters
Every week, 2 mobile masters cards were announced for up to a total of 70 MM players, similar to how legends are currently released.

One Mobile Master was build-able via set, and another one was only pullable in packs. These MM cards featured 99 OVR rated retired and current players.

Position Heroes
Every week, 2 new position hero sets for a total of 23 players were released featuring 99 OVR rated cards for current players who had good year. The Positional Hero sets required you to use elite/gold/silver of that position to complete the sets.

Final Edition
Similar to TOTW/FO, every week EA released a set of 4 players that deserved improvements over their base cards.

Combine Players
New combine live events that yielded 1 of 10 combine collectibles (3 of which were rare). These collectibles could be exchanged for a 94~99 OVR player that had been a stand-out in the NFL combine. One new combine player set was added every week for 20 weeks.

March/April 2015
Easter promo
Before Easter Time, mystery eggs were available in pro packs. The few days around Easter these eggs “hatched” into players, trophies, and packs.

April 2015
Draft promo
During the NFL draft at the end of April, live events specific to newly drafted players for open and closed envelopes. These envelopes went into sets that awarded a random newly drafted player 94-96 overall with boosts.

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